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Interview Team : Kaushik L M; Avudaiappan

Even if Puli is a star-studded affair, one cherubic face stands out in that big galaxy of stars. We are talking about Hansika, also nicknamed 'Hansu', 'the lucky charm', 'nei kozhandha' and 'kutty Kushboo'. She is playing a princess in the film, and this role is bound to add more layers of beauty and splendor to her already flawless frame. Ahead of Puli's release, we do a quick special with Hansika who was in Pondicherry shooting for her upcoming movie Pokkiri Raja.

Is Puli the most prestigious film of your career till date?


I can say it is one of the most prestigious offers for sure, due to its large scale and all the big co-actors involved. I am fortunate to bag this offer, after all how often does one get to play a princess on screen.


What can we expect from the princess on screen?

I can't reveal much but I will say she is a very kind and sweet person. The audiences would feel that she indeed deserves to be a princess.


Tell us about the costumes, make-up, accessories required for the role. They must have been extensive right?

My mom and brother generally call me a princess. While doing Puli, I actually realized how difficult and hard it is to be a princess. I usually get ready in about an hour but for this role, it took about 2.5 to 3 hours. Putting on the costumes, the head gear and getting into the right posture were all so much work.


Given that playing a princess is so difficult, will you ever take up such a role again?

Why not? I will surely take it up.


Did you perform stunts in Puli, given its fantasy action adventure space?

There is a small portion which involves stunts and I had to train for about 2 days to get this part right.


Your dance moves looked mighty impressive in the trailer. How many songs are you a part of and who choreographed them?

I am a part of 2 and a half songs, and Raju Sundaram was the choreographer for all my songs. It is always very difficult to match steps with Vijay as, we all know, he is a fabulous dancer. But I got great compliments from the crew for my dance moves.


How was the 2nd time working experience with Vijay? 

I keep asking him as to how he looks younger and younger with every passing year. It is indeed a pleasant surprise. He is such a humble man and a great personality.


You must have learned a lot from the super-seniors such as Sridevi and Prabhu ...

I gelled really well with Sridevi ma'am as both of us are Leos. She has this aura around her which can make people nervous, but she made sure that people were comfortable working with her. She is a very kind and focused person
And Prabhu sir is from a great family, as we know. He is a legend and a thorough gentleman. I have already worked with him before, and he is always caring and humble.

Sridevi ma'am has this aura around her which can make people nervous.


With so many accomplished actors around, did you ever feel overwhelmed or overawed?

The industry knows that I am among the most secure people around. Even if it is for a scene or two, I would always be clear and confident about what I can do. Ultimately, audiences will decide the fate.


Tell us about director Chimbudeven and his vision towards making such a big film.

He had this huge vision and it was really difficult to translate that on to the screen. The producers, SKT Studios, really helped him to execute what he had in mind. I must say, they really treated me like a princess.
Also, Chimbudeven was the one who designed my princess look - make-up, costumes and accessories. He was very certain about how his 'Ilavarasi' had to look, and I had a couple more people each for my hair and make-up.

I must say, they really treated me like a princess.


Final thoughts ahead of the big release day?

There is good buzz around the film, and I am excited no doubt. I am hoping to be in the country during the release, as I may be shooting abroad.


We wish Hansika the very best, as always ...






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