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Interview Team : Jyothsna; Avudaiappan

Although Srushti Dange’s first Tamil film was Yudham Sei, it was Megha which pushed her to the spotlight. Currently busy with varied roles in Tamil, Srushti talks to Jyothsna Bhavanishankar on her films and many more.  



How did your Tamil film entry happen?

I am a Maharashtrian from Mumbai. I came into the Tamil film industry through a commercial I did when I was in school. Director Mysskin was going through my portfolio and called me. I was having my 12th exams then and I was preparing for the same. Anyways, I came to Chennai and after brief conversations, I went back. Post my exam, I came back to Chennai and did his film Yudham Sei.


Were you keen to enter film industry?

I am a theatre artist and have done plays. I was keen to enter movies but did not expect that it will happen through Tamil films. That said, I am here, I really like it and want to stay here.  


How was it to work in Tamil without knowing the language?

Luckily for me, I had no dialogues in Yudham Sei but I learnt it because Mysskin sir was very friendly on the sets and helpful. He teaches everyone and guides. He told me that if I want to be here, I need to understand the language and speak in Tamil. However, when I tried to speak in Tamil, he used to make fun and asked me to stick to English. But I started speaking to people on the sets and began learning the language. 

Mysskin told me that if I want to be here, I need to understand the language and speak in Tamil


After Yudham Sei

After Yudham Sei, it took two to two and a half years for Megha to happen. My father was open to any kind of profession that I may pursue but was keen that I finish my basic studies. After I completed my studies, whatever movies came my way, I signed it. Megha happened while I was doing my graduation. I used to travel back and forth then. We had rehearsals and then shooting. 


How did Megha happen?

I had done a commercial and one of the assistants of Karthik Rishi, director of Megha, had seen and passed on my pictures to him. He liked them and after audition, I joined the team.



How was it working in Megha?

If I am speaking Tamil now, it is because of Megha. Director Karthik Rishi was very strict and told me that I have to speak only in Tamil. I was not allowed to speak in any other language. He was also very particular about the 15 day rehearsals which really helped me.

If I am speaking Tamil now, it is because of Megha


Putham Puthu Kaalai song 

We were shooting a few scenes in the same mandapam where we were to shoot the song. And people used to come to my room and tell me how lucky I was to dance for this number. I knew I was fortunate but I also knew that if I were to take that to my head, I would mess it up. They used to tell me that I have to look beautiful, this and that and I became very anxious and nervous. It was very stressful as people kept on saying that I should prepare well, look good etc. I did not sleep the previous night. But somehow the dance came out well. But once the positive feedbacks started pouring in, I forgot all my stress and tension. 

I knew I was fortunate to do Putham Puthu Kaalai song, but also knew that if I were to take that to my head, I would mess it up


Enakkul Oruvan 

I started Enakkul Oruvan even while I was doing Megha. All my movies have some kind of connection with commercials. I had done an ad with Dhanush then and having seen that, Prasath Ramar, director of Enakkul Oruvan called and explained about the character in the film. I was surprised that there was no connection with the ad and the character in the film and was wondering why he called me. He wanted me to watch Kannada Lucia and I really loved it. That’s how I agreed to do the film.


Did you know there was another heroine in the movie?

If you had seen the Kannada version, my character had its own strength and stood out. She was projected well. That’s why I agreed for the film. And moreover, I felt excited to be working with Siddharth as I had many combination scenes with him. 


How was it to work with Siddharth? Did he give tips?  

He did not give tips but used to talk a lot. When he realized that although I am from north, I spoke good Tamil, he was shocked.  He told that he can sing well. He was very friendly but professional. I take time to become friends with someone and he was also like that. He was not snobbish but was down-to-earth.

Siddharth was not snobbish but very down-to-earth


What are the projects that you are involved with now?

Right now, four movies of mine are ready for release. Kathukutty with Naren, Suseenthiran’s Vil Ambu, Navarasa Thilagam with Ma Ka Pa and Achamindri with Vijay Vasanth.


In Kathukutty I play a girl from Tanjore, completely village types. My character will have the shades of Paruthi Veeran Priya Mani, very strong.  In Vil Ambu, I play a Coimbatore city girl which will be very different from my other roles. Navarasa Thilagam will be a family entertainer. Achamindri is about education and is message oriented. It has action, romance and fully commercial. I am currently watching on my characters and don’t want to repeat.


I am also working in Kaala Koothu with Prasanna and Kalaiarasan. Eighty percent of the shoot is over. Songs and some talkie portions are pending. 


The kissing controversy in Navarasa Thilagam

It was narrated to me at the last moment and I was apprehensive about doing anything which is out of script. I discussed with director and put my foot down and said I will not do the scene. Hero Ma Ka Pa Anand was also much supportive and he respected my decision. 

I put my foot down and said I will not do the kissing scene


Are you open to do other south Indian language films too?

Yes, I am open to any language but I am careful about the script. However, I am more confident about Tamil films. 


Dream role

I have a chart of characters which are wide ranged and I want to tick all of them in that list. Right now, I have covered a little bit in it. If everyone is going to be aspiring for Vidya Balan’s character in The Dirty Picture, it no longer is a dream role. We can just take examples. I want to do roles that people would take examples. I like Kangana’s character in Queen and Fashion. I am open to such roles which are women centric. 

If everyone is going to be aspiring for Vidya Balan’s character in The Dirty Picture, it no longer is a dream role



I am fond of Jyothika Ma’am. She is very good. When it comes to heroes, I want to work with all of them but my all time favorite is Salman Khan. In Tamil I wish to work with Dhanush and my favorite is Ajith sir. When it comes to directors, I want to work with Gautham Menon sir as he has a unique way of telling a love story. I like his Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya and Yennai Arindhaal. I don’t read love stories but at least I can watch love stories (laughs). 

Gautham Menon sir has a unique way of telling a love story


Why do you wish to work with Dhanush?

If you see Maryan, Raanjhanaa and Shamitabh, it is just not hero oriented and his heroines also have meaty space to perform. In those kinds of films, there would be a good chemistry between the hero and heroine. The heroines don’t just come for two songs to romance and go away. 


What do you do in your free time?

I go to yoga class and I like to write. Even during the shoot, I will be writing my own stories. I also read. I listen to music a lot. 


Now that actresses are singing, would you be doing that?

No, the talent that I don’t have, I will not try and pursue it. 


How is Tamil industry treating you?

I am very comfortable here and have never felt like an outsider. People don’t think I am from outside since I speak Tamil. They think that I am either a Malayalee or a Tamil girl. They treat me like ‘namma ponnu’. 

They treat me like ‘namma ponnu’ here


Do you dub for yourself?

I have told all my directors that I would dub for my roles. They are not letting me. 


What is your plus and what is your minus?

The plus is that I am fluent in the language. My acting skills are also my plus in addition to my dimples. On the flipside, I am yet to understand the Tamil culture as I am not born here and I need to improve my Tamil diction.


We wish you all the best Srushti and may all your dreams come true!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar







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