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Interview Team : Tamil Dharani; Balasaravanan; Jeevakaran; Venkat; Jyothsna

Being a Biotechnologist from a small town to a happening actress of Tamil cinema, Bindu Madhavi has created a space in the industry with positivity and strong mindedness towards her colossal love for acting. She #chats, #laughs, #surprises in an easy peasy interview with Sub-Editor Tamil Dharani.

Tamil gets hold of her ahead of the release of Savaale Samaali...



Lets start with Savaale Samaali!

Savaale Samaali is a full-on comedy entertainer. It entirely deals with the television shows that are happening right now. I mean they give a lot of messages but at the same time there is so much of silliness happening, where people tend to make fun of it. So it has both the sides.

It has two guys who work in a television company where they try to increase the TRP and the comedy happens there. Coming to my role, it’s entirely funny and Ashok Selvan in this movie asks out any girls he meets and that’s how we meet each other in the story.


From Kazhugu to Savaale Samaali now, how was it working with Sathya Siva for the second time?

Sathya just called me and said, "Bindhu, I am doing my next movie!", and I was like,"Hey congrats and what it is about?”, and he started talking about the movie and he was like, "I need these days, Are you free?" and I was like," Hah! Hah!" and that is how it happened. See, Sathya and me even though we don't keep in touch on a regular basis, I have a lot of faith in his work, because he gave me the first break through Kazhugu. 
Talking about Sathya, working in this movie was much easier than Kazhugu because I know his working style . He is a very serious person on set. It’s difficult for other people to cope. So I was acting like an assistant director telling people the way he wants it because I know what he wants and expects.

"I need these days, Are you free?"


How was it working with Ashok Selvan?

A-S-H-O-K S-E-L-V-A-N ...He is such a brat in a nice way but one thing about Ashok Selvan is whoever is around him or whatever mood anybody is going through, if Ashok is around them, he just brightens up the entire atmosphere. He is anytime ready to get a smile on anyone’s face and he keeps talking about something or the other happening in a very comical way. So he is the entertainment factor on the sets.


Do you know about the 1971 Savaale Samaali movie?

Yeah..Yeah...Yeah...Previously we had another working title for the movie and it was changed in the last minute to Savaale Samali. I thought the movie was in 80's ..Was it in 70's?..
Me: is...and Do you know about the cast of the movie?
Bindu: (Laughs)Mmmm..I don't know.
Me: It’s actually Sivaji Ganesan and Jayalalitha.
Bindu: Oh My God! Really...Those are some big names but there can be no comparison with that movie because it was all changed in the last minute. 


Unveil Haiku and Suriya for us!

It's really a special movie for me. I think it's too early to talk about the movie and my director has asked me to shut my mouth so I will have to zip up regarding this. 
Suriya sir is one of the most disciplined actors and he has an aura around him which I have never seen in any other actor. He just passes on the energy that the whole environment is like full of positive vibes. I was really surprised one day of our shoot where many people wanted to take pictures with him and he said after the shoot he is going to give pictures. After 6pm he kept his words and stayed for 2 hours to pose with everyone who waited and I was totally awestruck seeing him. He is just a man of his words.

My director has asked me to shut my mouth 


I can understand the difficulties you must have faced when you decided to enter this industry. How did you earn your family’s acceptance?

Look, I have really had a tough time for the initial 8 months when the family was completely against it. It totally changed my life, where I missed the love and everybody stopped talking to me. So it was really a disturbing time for me. But I don't regret it now because I was very sure that I wanted only this and just wanted to see myself on the runway. Even now if they call me to be the Show Stopper, I tend to take up immediately and it really excites me. So I was so stubborn for those 8 months and my dad hasn’t seen the other side of me as I was always a "YES" to him. Seeing my stubbornness, he let me do whatever I wanted to. And my parents don't interfere in what I do now because they have no clue about cinema. But they are really happy now.

My parents don't interfere because they have no clue about cinema. 


Pros and Cons of coming from a non-filmy family?

My family had no expectations from me and they would have welcomed me back like a princess. When it comes to disadvantage, the initial push was very hard but I still don’t see those struggling days as disadvantage because that made me stronger as a person.


The transition from Telugu to Tamil movies?

Chennai was my major city experience having spent my entire childhood days in all the small towns of India and it was totally in my hands to choose where and how I wanna start because I had no guidance. When I had to think where to start with, I chose Chennai to Hyderabad as I started my modelling career here. But one of the coordinators put me on an audition for a Telugu movie, so that’s how I got my first Telugu movie and then I shifted back to Hyderabad. I didn’t get much of me and I was somewhere not happy about what I was doing. I don’t mind doing second lead but even the second lead roles were hardly noticed as a role. Later I decided to do a Tamil movie and see how it works for me. To my surprise it worked out over here and I really feel I have a great bondage with Tamil Nadu as it has given me hope and showed me whom I am.

 I was somewhere not happy about what I was doing.


Doing lots of multi-starrer, has it given you any insecurities?

No yaar, Really I don’t have. Even my upcoming movie Haiku is again a multi-starrer. Somehow I never had any issue with any girls (laughs) and I generally don’t tend to involve in another person’s life. May be thats the reason I have no issue while working on the sets. And when I accept a role I know what the other girl is doing and what I am going to do, So its as simple as that.

I never had any issue with any girls 


One heroine you admire the most?

If you are going to ask who I like the most, then use all capitals and exclamation marks and quote “NITHYA MENEN” in a big way. I...LOVE...HER...I JUST LOVEEEE...HER...If I were a guy I would have proposed to her! When it comes to close up shot, I think Nithya Menen  does 100 times better than all the current heroines and nothing goes wrong with her expressions. I love...her...and I love her personality too.. I don’t miss any of Nithya Menen’s interviews!




I would meet Thala right now! 
I would have made sure everyone gets food in this universe!
I would have called up A.R.Murugadoss, Gautham Menon, Karthik Subbaraj and Mani Ratnam and said, “I have my dates free. This year we are making a movie and I am going to work back to back with all of you!”
#GOODLUCK #HardToFaceTheirReaction
I would have been a housewife right now!
I would have proposed to Nithya Menen!
#GIRLCRUSH #ManaManaMentalManathil




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