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Interview Team : Kaushik L M

Despite the presence of the much-loved Thala Ajith, the incredibly impactful Arun Vijay and the classic beauties Trisha and Anushka, Parvathy Nair grabbed a fair share of eyeballs in Yennai Arindhaal, thanks to her character Leesa and the way she played it. In the aftermath of the film’s release, she chats up with Kaushik.


Did you see Yennai Arindhaal in Tamil Nadu ? And did you feel the audience’s hate towards your character?


I watched it in Bangalore on the first day in a multiplex with friends and my mom, and the response was good. I was sitting between them and was wondering how the crowd would react. I went in late and came out late. The audience didn’t hate me as such, but they were shocked that I was like this to a kid. They were impacted by what I was doing to the kid. It was a mixed feeling actually but the role sure jolted them in some way.


Did you have any reservations in accepting the role?


I actually had no idea about my role and just knew that I was pairing up with Arun Vijay. Me being a newcomer and being offered a film with a big director and a big actor, I would have done it anyway. Only while shooting, I came to know the facets of my role.


Anyway I have to do all kinds of roles as an actor. Being a part of a big film is a big deal for a newcomer like me. Even an established actor would have accepted it.


In Bangalore, random people outdoors have recognized and applauded me, for my performance as Leesa. I had a little apprehension but the appreciation has more than made up for it. A normal role wouldn’t have given me this much recognition and acceptance. The social media response is huge too.


Gautham sir made sure that everyone has been noticed. There was some limitation in terms of screen space, as he had to balance it out. I am very happy about being noticed.

Only while shooting, I came to know the facets of my role.


Did you see Kaakha Kaakha and Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu, the other parts of Gautham’s police trilogy? Are you aware of his body of work?


I saw Kaakha Kaakha while in school and loved it. It is one of the best ever Tamil films. I have seen all of Gautham’s films, and they do have a specific style.


Are you aware of all the talk that Yennai Arindhaal follows a similar template as Kaakha Kaakha and Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu?


Gautham must have followed a similar style, consciously I feel. He didn’t intend to make something different. There is no problem in following one’s own style and sensibilities. Yennai Arindhaal is on the lines of KK and VV, but there is a fresh cast and those films didn’t have a negative female character like this. I am personally delighted in that aspect. A slum girl doing action oriented things, is quite different for a heroine and for Tamil films too.

There is no problem in following one’s own style and sensibilities.


About your senior counterparts Trisha and Anushka ? Did you have interactions with them?


They are very very sweet people. I shot with Trisha for a crucial scene. She spoke a lot to me and we had a lot of common things to share. She is a very gorgeous and friendly lady, and a senior in the industry. This was a good opportunity for me.


Anushka is again so humble, we also belong to the same city. I shot with her for about 2 days or so. I didn’t feel awkward at all, being with them. I was just wondering and learning about how they carry themselves, how they dress up and stuff.


Regarding your onscreen partner Arun Vijay, did you realize that he was going through a possible life-changing role?


Honestly I did.


I didn’t know about him before Yennai Arindhaal. I Googled about him and came up to speed about his career. On the sets, he was always into the role, giving his 200%. 100 % is an understatement. He was strictly into the diet, prescribed by his trainer and wasn’t taking any chances at all with his food.


I used to go check out the monitor for some scenes and his screen presence was great. I was surprised that he couldn’t make a big mark till date as he is clearly better than many of the contemporary current heroes, in many aspects. Me and my mom were very confident that he would get noticed. I knew that this was going to be a big break for him and had no second thoughts.


It’s no surprise now when people are celebrating him. All of us in the team knew it beforehand.

Arun Vijay is clearly better than many of the contemporary current heroes, in many aspects.


Your photographs taken by Thala have gone viral. Tell us something that we don’t know about him.


I didn’t know that he was into photography, he is really passionate about this. Maybe he is doing it to capture his shoot experiences as memories. I didn’t realize I was being clicked. It was a real surprise when I got this big size print of my own picture. I thought he was doing it just for fun but I got all my pics by mail. For the first time, I got such a big print of my own photo. It sure will be a great thing to rejoice and remember. A token for life, a special gift.


Ajith is such a wonderful human being, apart from what he is on screen. He is genuinely nice and cares about the people that he likes. And the way he talks from his heart!


I learnt a lot from him, and got some quality advice. Not everyone would do this. I am one of the people to experience how special he is. I feel so glad that people who are good at heart, are doing well in their field. Ajith is a fine example of that.

Ajith is genuinely nice and cares about the people that he likes.


Sathyadev, Anbu Chelvan and Raghavan - Your favorite among these three cops?


Glad that you asked about the men and not the movies (laughs). As a cop, Sathyadev is an amazing person. I may favor him due to my personal connect.


But I did fall in love with Suriya when I watched him as Anbuchelvan. Love had great focus in the movie and it fascinated me at that age as a schoolgirl.


About Uttama Villain? What can we expect from you there?


I am not sure of the screenspace, and my role is just a small one probably. I am nevertheless glad to be a part of it, even it it’s just for a minute. It’s a cute, adorable role set in the current period. I am excited about it.


Kamal Haasan can make people act so well. He extracts it naturally and doesn’t make it look rehearsed or forced. He gives space to innovate, just like my other director Gautham.

I was initially nervous but he is such a nice person too, caring about the people working in the film.

Good Luck Parvathy. Looking forward to see you in more films. Hoping that the offers coming your way turn out as good roles ...






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