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Singer Sid Sriram about his Prayer I/Danger Design

Singer Sid Sriram of Thalli Pogathey fame has also taken his steps into film editing and in an exclusive chat to behindwoods shares about the same.


He elaborates, “For the past 6 months I've been shuttling between Chennai and Los Angeles. I've been blessed to be moving forward on my musical journey in both parts of the world. “Danger Design” is the next offering from my forthcoming album Insomniac Season I.

During the creation of this song, I was in a cycle of creating at all hours, barely sleeping. “Danger Design” is very special to me because it signifies a certain victory in working through some pretty taxing existential questions. The search for purpose is constant, and I feel like this song is a representation of reaching one benchmark.

This film starts with a short prayer, establishing a meditative and haunting mood. The fundamental theme of the film is my movement between Chennai and LA. Though both environments are vastly different, the quest for self-discovery is constant. This Prayer I/Danger Design film is my first step into film editing”.


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Singer Sid Sriram about his Prayer I/Danger Design

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